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February 2023
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The consequences of poor posture extend far beyond an aching back and a sore neck…

Stress is an inevitable side effect of today’s fast paced, competitive world, and can negatively impact an individual’s wellbeing. With stress becoming increasingly responsible for serious health conditions and time off work, employers have a duty to look after their staff – an important factor in this is the workstation assessment. Workstation assessments help to create a comfortable working environment, which in turn helps to relieve stress, boost productivity and staff morale and improve business. Book your DSE approved virtual workstation assessment today and promote good physical and mental wellbeing among your employees.

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Individual consultations

Whether your employees are working onsite or remotely, we can organise a virtual individualised workplace assessment. We’ll make working environment recommendations that provide instant and long-lasting relief from discomfort and help prevent future workplace-related health problems.

Our business package

Our 90 minute webinar is ideal for workplaces with up to six employees. Our individualised virtual consultations help workplaces become compliant with the current legislation and we provide a full report of actions recommended to look after the comfort of individual employees even if they’re working from home.  

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Help with choosing the right equipment

By assessing individual needs and fully understanding individual working patterns and their working environment, our experienced DSE approved assessors provide advice and recommendations that will help you to choose the right equipment for employees working full-or part-time from home.

New and expectant mother assessment

A DSE workstation assessment is a crucial element of the New and Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment. Pregnancy can mean that new and unexpected health issues arise, not least the difficulties and discomfort that can arise from a growing bump. New mothers returning to work can also benefit from a newly thought out working environment. We provide advice and recommendations individually tailored to new and expectant mums.

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Mags Molecka

Health and Safety Practitioner GradIOSH

Mags Molecka is a highly regarded and well respected Health and Safety professional who takes great care and pride in creating safe and comfortable workspaces.

Passionate and enthusiastic about promoting the principles of good posture and ergonomic workplace setups, Mags regularly teaches new DSE assessors and manual handling trainers. With over ten years of experience working in ergonomics for Westminster City Council and blue chip company Delaware North, Mags helps companies meet their legal and moral Health and Safety obligations.

She also works with individuals on a one to one basis to help them understand what effect good posture has on health, wellbeing and productivity. Mags holds the following qualifications:

  • MSc Public Health, University of Lodz
  • MSc Public Administration in Health Systems, Clark University
  • MSc Health and Safety, Technical University of Lodz

Since 2018, Mags has been a director of Consilia Global, a business analyst consultancy that helps businesses understand the impact of their activities by using business analysis tools and structured monitoring of their performance. Mags is also Managing Director of Food Safety Club Ltd, and helping companies with their Food Hygiene Management Systems.

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“I would like to thank Mags for conducting my pregnancy assessment and taking very good care of me. I really appreciate the follow up call I received.”
Magdalena O'Sullivan
Individual Client
“Thank you for providing the expert advice about required equipment. Mags took into concideration my individual health needs and the space available in my homeoffice.”
Chris Molecki
Consilia Global Technology Group Managing Director
“Mags helped my business with managing DSE during the lockdown, when my employees worked from home. The webinar was very informative"
Meg Turner
Pro-Language - Private Language School Business Owner

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